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Separating usually is the most significant event in one’s life, that is, until the divorce comes. It is stressful and emotional. Personal and emotional stress along with the financial urgency bring questions that must be answered quickly and honestly.

I’m Scott A. Matthews and I can help. Turn to me for answers about your children, support, and property division. I am also very experienced in the domestic violence that sometimes comes with the separation. There is a big difference between hiring a good divorce attorney and hiring the one best for you.

Don’t fool yourself and don’t believe the hype, no two divorces are the same and I take a special interest in your case. Turn your stress over to me. Let me deal with your ex-spouse and their attorney. You focus on your job and your children, I will handle the stress and work out an arrangement that is not just best for you, but best for your children too.

If you have children, it isn’t about getting everything your way, you have to remember your kids and the delicate emotional state they will be in. I have three kids of my own. I will counsel you so you stay focused on the big picture as you need to keep a good relationship with your ex-spouse as you will be co-parenting with them for many years. Many attorneys focus on getting you the best settlement possible. While I focus on that, my chief aim is to give you a settlement where you and your ex-spouse feel good about what happened so you can function together instead of having years of animosity.

Think about it, do you want to drag your spouse through the mud to get that cheesy toaster collection, only to have her resent you for the next decade and make every visitation drop-off and pick-up a stressed out affair?

Trust me as your attorney and I will not just get you a fair settlement, but one that you will be happy with for the next ten years. What is most important is your stress level and as you get involved with new relationships, you don’t want drama from this divorce to seep in and destroy that new relationship. This is why I am so effective as a divorce lawyer as I look at your best interests - long term.


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